Friday, May 14, 2010

:+:Final Chapter:+: make a change

kawan-kawan sekalian,

couldn't do more with this blog..
maybe I'm just too bored with blogspot..

so do check out my new blog..


Saturday, May 8, 2010

:+:cHapter 167:+: Decision

Finally, get the lazy me to update this dead blog..

Already one month in Aussieland
and made the decision to going back home for good..
Im'ma Happy Girl right now..
dilemma for months..
to stay here or not to..
like a friend told me last night..she said everyone has a inner weighing scale..
we will use this to weigh the importance of family, career, finance, and so on..

Totally agree with her..
and I know my family always come in first place..
so I would rather go home than staying here and feeling nostalgic from time to time..
Do not want the moment to replay again..

So will reach homeland on Sunday morning..
at last meeting up with the big man in the family..
missing him so much..
hope he is enjoying the business trip with his friends now..
exactly one more week left for us to go around in Melbourne..

Already craving for teh tarik..
have to start writing up the 'to-do-list'
first on the list will be: to make appointment with the dentist =.=
think about it will make me feel sick..
at least get that done first, so I can enjoy later with the cousins..

Miss XinXin..
all the best and good luck for your exams..
will see u real soon..

Besides the fun part,
have to look for job as well..
Hope will get one soon..
**pray pray**

Before signing off,
a HDR picture I did last night..


Saturday, April 3, 2010

:+:cHapter 166:+: celebration

I'm officially 23y/o now..
still doing nothing..
and don't know which direction to follow..

To get a job first..
or continue studying?

To choose to stay in Melbourne
or to come back home for good?

Everything is uncertain now..
but I'll be going to Melbourne for 2 months..
and start looking for job..

By that time, I hope I'll know where I want to go..
and what I want to do..

Enough of those killing brain cells topics
Lets start with what have I done in the past few days

On Sunday..
We had breakfast at Axian DimSum..
well..the dimsum they served were so-so only..
Seafood as dinner at Fatty Crab Tmn Megah

makan day
had Sushi Zanmai again..
All of us really enjoyed the dinner and the company..
gonna miss this kind of moment

I don't remember..
but definitely had some fab food again..

met up with cousin Alice and AhBi..
We had Bar-B-Q Plaza
a treat from cousin Alice..
Thanks babe..
we were there from 6pm till 930pm..
chat chat chat n makan makan makan
fab..only Miss XinXin n Suet Suet are both in KL too..
faster come back then we go SkyBar k..

yours truly bday..
After 3 years..
finally get to celebrate with daddy mommy and bro..
this time..I decided not to have the usual lobster at Victoria Station..
but had Thai food at this place called 'Bangkok Wasabe' at Dataran Sunway..
saw this restaurant from some food blog some time ago..
overall the food tasted average..
the siakap (fish) was not fresh at all
so daddy asked them to change to another type of fish..
better..but not great
However the desserts they served are yummy..

After a piece of bday cake we went to PoPo's place at Cheras..
time to say goodbye to my beloved Auntie Cindy and Uncle Francis..
They are still on the plane now flying back to NewYork..
Only get to see them again in another 2 years..
mommy already missing her sis..
but she is so tough this time..
she didn't even cry when said goodbye and gave her sister a hug..

The very last minute me finally bought the clothes for graduation ceremony..
happy to shop around 1U..
but feeling rather tired
still have to buy some stuff before flying back to Aussieland on Tuesday..
so soon..

Pics time..
have a great weekend people..

Friday, March 26, 2010

:+:cHapter 165:+: sesat

I guess my sense of direction went from 100% good to 100% bad..

Went meeting up with Meisin n Sze at JayaJusco Bukit Tinggi..
con by the GPS..
at least I was still able to reach the place..

But when I was supposed to make a U-turn to Kesas Highway..
I went straight to some housing area..
and got lost in that area..
cacat me..

I still managed to find my way out..
I also enjoy driving alone..
so don't mind also when the CD is playing songs I like..

Next stop..
to snap some pictures..

:+:cHapter 164:+: movie

Went to watch 'How to Train Your Dragon' with mommy and brother just now at Pyramid..
was supposed to watch it yesterday after Brother did his course registration at KDU..
but the lazy me was too tired to stay any longer in 1U after a fabulous Jap meal at Sushi Zanmai..
so we decided to go home..

we forced mommy to go with us just now..
I think I'm 100% clone from my mom..
she also doesn't like to go out much..

We watched 3D de..
not that bad..
the black dragon, Toothless is so cute ler..
feel like cubit him only
mommy said he looks like Stitch

well..those who wear glasses..
please wear contact lenses when u go watch 3D..
I was so lazy to wear them..
so the consequences of wearing my glasses with the 3D glasses was pain on my nose and ears..
It was alright last time..
maybe is the type of 3D glasses..
or my face fat jor..
either one la...
I will never be so lazy next time..

Some decoration stuff I saw in Sentosa
this one I like the most
only the colour and pattern
will not plan to get them even I have the cash..
freaking 1k+++SG dollars..

ciao 1st..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

:+:cHapter 163:+: OLD

This is the sound I hear when I stand up after sitting on the floor with the laptop for too long without supporting my back..

These 'klik klik klak klak' sounds are either from my back or knee..
I'm very old already laR!!
I still can hear it now when I move..

It is resulting from not being active
and never do exercise for months..
or years?!!

And eating all the unhealthy foods..
no dairy products
no essential vitamins and minerals..
konon-nyer ku seorang dietitian..
but cannot blame me also ah..
after living in such lifestyle for years..
cannot change in one or two days rite?
I just don't have that determination right now..

Tomorrow might go KL to meet up with daddy for dinner
with this client from UK..
not sure about it yet..
but don't feel like going to the dinner
I rather become a chauffeur..hehehe
so I can walk around KL
and get some pictures of KL night view
see how it goes tomorrow

one pic to share before I go offline

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

:+:cHapter 162:+: U.S.J

Bro and I were driving back from Sunway on Monday at around 6pm..
when we were about to enter Subang area from Federal Highway
was crazily traffic jam

I know shouldn't have choose that time to go home..
but was really tired on that day
don't feel like lepak-ing or being at any place with people..
just want to go home..
take shower and sleep..

it took us one hour 40 minutes to reach home..
which usually it only takes us about 10 - 15 minutes to reach from that place...

Nothing to do in the car
therefore playing with camera was the only entertainment
besides listening to CD
U.S.J = Ultra Super Jam

Time to go to bed
another tiring day..
wish I could just stay at home tomorrow
going to KDU with brother for registration..
**vomit blood**
can I just have one rest day?